About us

On behalf of about 220 pension funds, the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds (Pensioenfederatie) promotes the pension interests of:

  • 5.3 million participants
  • 3 million pensioners
  • 9,1 million early leavers.


About 80% of the total number of Dutch employees is participant of a pension fund which is associated with the Pensioenfederatie. The members of the Federation have around 1.2 billion euros of assets under management.

(Numbers dating from: 31-12-2015) 

For more information about the Dutch pension system, please read the article Richard Pauw, manager Public Affairs, has written the IPE March 2017 Issue about the debate on pension reform in the Netherlands.

Contact the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds



 Gert Kloosterboer
 Press officer

 T +31 70 76 20 220
 M +31 6 505 28 661
 E kloosterboer@pensioenfederatie.nl


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Present odd weeks: Mo-Tu
Can be reached by mobile phone outside 
office hours

 Mandy Ros
 Press officer

 T +31 70 76 20 223
 M +31 (0)6 299 408 90
 E ros@pensioenfederatie.nl 

 Present: Mo-Tu-Thu-Friday